About Us

 Welcome to Yehiawy Trade, Yehiawy Trade is one of leading Egyptian exporting companies of organic herbs, spices and seeds with its own large areas of certified organic farms Being the growers themselves, Spice Farm has quickly made a great name & history in the business of herbs and spices. Spice Farm manufacture & process the production of the farms at its highly qualified factory. Spice farm strives to produce the best quality of organic herbs, embracing the latest manufacture practices Our factory has grown under our own control & supervision.

We use only the purest quality herbs harvested from our farms which are constantly inspected to cope with the latest international standards..

What we do . . . We control the whole supply chain from the farms gate to the customer warehouse. Our work starts from growing and ends with delivery at the customers’ warehouse. We maintain large product raw materials in our own warehouse facilities. Also, our large, various warehousing facilities make us ready for immediate delivery. There is no off season item at Spice Farm as we know-well how to store each product in good and suitable conditions.