Our products

  • Alfalfa Leaves
    Medicago sativa Product Description large cut Crushed T. B. C
  • Basil
    Specifications Greenish grey color Basil leaves or crushed. Same smell of the fresh basil. Free of alive or dead insects. Free of mouldy or bad smell. Moisture max 12%. Vaporous oil min. 0.3%. Admixture max 1%. Stem and seeds max. 3%.  Dried yellow or brown leaves max. 5%. Packing in... PP bags 20 Kg, paper bags or as client request
  • Aniseeds
    Whole or crushed very good and high quality. Anise seeds, 13 MT/20' fcll. Free of mould or bad smell. Free of alive or dead insects. Free of natural or artificial additives. F.M. Max. 1%. Broken & bad seeds Max. 4%. Moisture Max. 12%. Purity min. 99%. Packing in new P.P. bags.
  • Calendula
    Calendula flowers, 3.5 MT/20′ fcl. Diameter 5 cm, min 3 cm. Orange petals with light perfumed smell. Salty bittery taste. Without stem max. 6%. Bells without petals max. 20%. Effective material max 35%. Moisture max 14%. Dust max 12%. Stem & bells max 3%. Admixture max. 5%. Minerals
  • Caraway
    Good color & smell without mould or bad smell. 15 MT/20' fcl caraway seeds. Free of alive or dead insects. Free of additives. Admixture Max. 3%. Moisture Max. 12%. Oil min 3%. Free of pesticides. Purity min. 99% well cleaned. Packing in new P.P. bags.
  • Celery
    Celery specification Color:    Green Aroma/Flavor:   Good flavor of celery, no foreign odours or flavours Appearance   :   Flakes,size uniformity Moisture        :  8 max Aerobic Plate Count:      ≤500.000/g Coliform    :       ≤5,000/g E.coli   :   None Detected
  • Chamomil
    Specifications Flower, powder, petals, seeds, crushed. Chamomile flower,firstgrade,purity min. 99% 3.5 MT/20′ fcl. Chamomile powder, purity min. 99%, 5 MT/20′ fcl. Free of bad or mouldy smell, natural smeel. Free of alive insects or infected by insects or rodents. F.M or stem max. 3%. Flowers Very good smell Whole flowers
  • Chilli
    Capsicum annuum Product Description 9.1- Chili Pods 9.2- Chili Crushed 9.3- Chili Powder
  • Coriander/Cilantro
    The common kind of Coriander is a very striking herb, it has a round stalk full of branches, two feet long. The leaves are almost like the leaves of the parsley, but later on become more jagged, almost like the leaves of Fumitorie, but a great deal smaller and tenderer....
  • Couch-grass
    Agropyron repens Product Description 11.1- Couch grass Roots 11.2- Couch grass Whole Herb
  • Dill Tips
    Specifications Leaves or partite or crushed or tips or seeds. Dill seeds, 12 MT/40' fcl. Dill coarse, 6 MT/20' fcl. Light or dark green color. Natural good smell. Free of foreign matters. Free of insects. Moisture max 5%. Packing in new P.P bags each about 25 or 50 kgs net
  • Fennel Seeds
    Specifications Good green color. Fennel seeds, 13 MT/20′ fcl. Good smell without mould smell or bad taste. Free of alive or dead insects. Well cleaned. Moisture max. 12%. Oil min 1%. Grade No. 1,Purity min. %99,Admixture max. 1%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 3%. Grade No. 2,Purity min. %98,Admixture max....
  • Fenugreek
    Good green color. Fenugreek seeds, 13 MT/20' fcl. Good smell without mould smell or bad taste. Free of alive or dead insects. Well cleaned. Moisture max. 12%. Oil min 1%. Grade No. 1,Purity min. %99,Admixture max. 1%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 3%. Grade No. 2,Purity min. %98,Admixture max. 2%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 5% Grade No. 3,Purity min. %97,Admixture max. 3%,Foreign matters and bad seeds max. 9%. Packing in new P.P. bags.
  • Garlic
    Specifications Garlic flakes, powder, granules Powder Flavor, characteristics of garlic, without any additives. Size, 80-100 mesh and 100-120 mesh. Moisture 6% max. We can offer dehydrated garlic flakes, powder, granules. Packing, 12.5 kg x 2 alufoil bags = 25 kg/cm. Quantity, 10 tons/20 tons/20'fcl or 20 tons/40 fcl.
  • Hibiscus
    Specifications Hibiscus Flower Flower or leaves or crushed or fine leaves. Hibiscus leaves, 1.5 MT/20' fcl. Hibiscus flowers, 5 MT/20' fcl. Hibiscus crushed, 20 MT/20' fcl. Crushed of no more 2% seeds. Light red and dark red color. Foreign matters max. 4%. Moisture max 12%. Percentage broken upon request. Packing in 25 or 30 kg jute bags.
  • Meloukhia
    Molokhia leaves, 1.5 MT/20' fcl.- Packing in a carton boxes each about 5 KGS net.- 98 % purity, well cleaned. - 100 % natural. - - Natural smell. Dark green color. - Limited pesticides.- - Free of alive or dead insects. Clear with no foreign material. - - Moisture max 13%. - Oil min 1%. - Dust max. 13%.
  • Lemon Grass
    Cymbopogon flexuosos Product Description 19.1- Lemon Grass Cut (Size As Required) 19.2- Lemon Grass Fine Cut (T.B.C) 19.3- Lemon Grass Powder
  • Lemon Balm
    Melissa officinalis Product Description 20.1- Lemon Balm Large cut 20.2- Lemon Balm Crushed 20.3- Lemon Balm Fine Cut (T.B.C) 20.4- Lemon Balm Powder
  • Parsley
    Specifications Leaves or partite or crushed or coarse Parsley coarse, 6 MT/20′ fcl, 14 MT/40′ fcll Parsley leaves, 1.5 MT/20′ fcl, crushed 2-4 mm, nice green color, purity min. 99%. Light or dark green natural. Good smell and taste. Free of F.M. Free of infections. Moisture max. 5%. Packing in...
  • Onion
    Specifications Onion Rings ( large cut ), slice granule, kibbled, mince, flakes and powder. Standard and commercial quality. All colors of white, yellow and red can be supplied. Size, 5x5mm, 10x10mm, 8-120 mesh. Slice, 3-5mm. Granule, 5x5mm, 10x10mm. Powder, white grey and white light yellow, 80-100 meshes, moisture max. 6%, E. Coil max. 5 pcs/g. We can offer onion powder, onion slices, packing 20 Kg/carton, quantity 14.5 tons/20' fcl. Packed with PE bages
  • Peppermint
    Specifications Peppermint leaves or crushed. Peppermint leaves, 1.5 MT/20′ fcl. Peppermint crushed, 5 MT/20′ fcl. Good smell. Dark green color. Limited pesticides. Free of insects. Grade No. 1, size 5.6 mm, moisture max 13%, oil min 1%, Dust max. 13%. Grade No. 2, size 5.6 mm, moisture max 14%, oil...
  • Red rose
    Rosa gallica Product Description 29.1- Red Rose Flowers 29.2- Red Rose Petals
  • Rosemary
    Rosmarinus officinalis Product Description 30.1- Rosemary Whole leaves 30.2- Rosemary cut (as request) 30.3- Rosemary TBC
  • Sage Leaf
    Salvia officinalis Product Description 31.1- Sage Whole Leaf 31.2- Sage Cut (size as request
  • Senna
    Senna leaves, pods or crushed and leaves. Senna leaves, large, compound and pinnate. Senna leaves, 1.5 MT/20′ fcl. Senna pods, slightly curved 3.5-6.5 cms long and 1.5 cms wide (broad). Senna pods contains alkaloid ” Sennocides ” 2.5 to
  • Spearmint
    Specifications Spearmint Spearmint leaves or crushed. Spearmint leaves 1.5 % MT/20' FCL. Admixture max. 1%. Moisture max. 13%. Oil min. 0.5%. Dust max. 12%. Packing in new P.P Bags each about 25 or 50 kgs net.
  • Thyme
    Thymus vulgaris Product Description 34.1- Thyme Crush Leaves
  • Marjoram
    Specifications  Green Marjoram Leaves or partite or flower partite. Green marjoram, silver green, black (dark grey). Green marjoram, 5 MT/20' fcl. Free of F.M. Without mouldy or bad smell or strange colors. Free of alive or dead insects. Moisture max 10%. Dust max. 16%. Stem max. 10%. F.M. max 2%. Oil min. 1.7 max. 3.5%. Packing in new P.P bags each about 25 or 50 kgs net.
  • Nettle
    Leaves T.B.C.
  • Nigella
  • Sunflower Seeds, Stripped
    For commercial purposes, sunflower seeds are usually classified by the pattern on their husks. If the husk is solid black, the seeds are called black oil sunflower seeds. The crops may be referred to as oilseed sunflower crops. These seeds are usually pressed into sunflower oil. These seeds are considered the seed of choice for bird feeders.If the husks are striped, the seeds are called striped sunflower seeds or “stripers.” Due to their lower oil content, the crops are called non-oilseed sunflower crops. Striped sunflower seeds are primarily used for food; as a result, they may be called confectionery sunflower seeds TYPES OF SUNFLOWER SEEDS : White Sunflower Seeds Stripped Sunflower Seeds Black Sunflower Seeds     Our product’s Specifications:     uniformed size and color.     Medium size.     Free of alive and dead insects.     MXM 1 % Admixture.     Purity 98-99%.     Moisture max. 8%.     Parity max. 7%.     Discolored seeds max 3%.     Empty seeds max 2%.